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The Keeper Trophy 2019 – A Tribute To Sailing, Sea And Functionality

The keeper trophy 2019 – a tribute to sailing, sea and functionality

The keeper trophies in this year’s Worlds in RS Tera are not only handcrafted, unique, blue and environmentally friendly. They are, not the least, useful.

– When first I got the request, I immediately thought of a marine theme, naturally. Then I thought, that it would be nice to make something useful, like a small bowl for salt, butter or something else. Eventually, while working on it, the bowl evolved to resemble a mussel, which felt just right in the context, says locally active potter, Pyttan Åberg. 

Thinking of the Blue mussels function in the sea, a multi-headed purification facility that helps filtering and cleaning the water, the symbolic of the mussel fits very well with the fact that this RS Tera World Challenge Trophy 2019 just got certified as an eco friendly event. Also the material in the trophy is mainly pure clay with minimal environmental impact.

– This job isn’t just about business. I felt really honored to get it. I come from the West coast and have always lived close by the sea and the saltwater which means a lot to me. There’s also this sailor from Ljungskile who I know since we were young and it feels important to engage in something that’s very dear to him. I’m truly happy to be of help in this regatta, says Pyttan Åberg.

Oh, and for those of you who don’t take part in the regatta, there will be an opportunity to buy other craft especially made for the occasion. Pyttan is also working on souvenir cups that will be available for sale during the event.

Pyttan Åberg has worked with ceramics since 1995. She loves the craft and making everyday use objects. Her potteries are located in Ängelholm and Ammenäs, just outside Ljungskile. Check out