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Get A Glimpse Of The Glory Days Of Lyckorna!

Get a glimpse of the glory days of Lyckorna!

About a hundred years ago Lyckorna was a classy sea resort for affluent people from all over the country. During the summers people came to enjoy both hot an cold salt water baths, sailing, playing tennis and dancing. Among the many pleasures, Lyckorna had the most modern dancing floor in Europe, hanging from ropes, swinging lightly while people danced to the music of the live orchestra.

Here came also the young Isabelle von Horn whose grandparents owned one of the beautiful villas in Lyckorna. Isabelle spent her vacations with them and eventually became the owner of the house herself. 

During the seventies the local ethnologist, Inger Dejke, met Isabelle von Horn and interviewed her within the frame of her research on the unique sea resort. 

Inger Dejke now assumes the role of Isabelle von Horn and tells us her story, which is also the story of Lyckornas glory days between 1920-1930. 

During the days of the regatta there will be two opportunities to listen to Inger Dejke. Firstly on monday the 5th of August in the WCT-tent and secondly on the 8th of August onboard the boat M/S Gustavsberg.